The Schrader Autism Foundation is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit. All gifts to the Schrader Autism Foundation are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law. Our Tax ID is 45-2474677
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The Problem is REAL
Our Mission is CLEAR
The Schrader Autism Foundation

Grant Programs

    The Schrader Autism Foundation has laid out a strategic plan in three critical areas of need:

  • Educational Services
    Many of our public schools lack the proper funding support to satisfy the demand of special services such as speech therapy, find motor skills, life skills, work programs, etc. The economy is currently challenged resulting in budget restrictions. With SAF funding, our public schools can get back on track to help prepare our Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Children for Life!
  • Independence Programs
    Search the web you will find many fine schools out there doing great things for our autistic children in preparing them for adulthood. Many are full, have waiting lists and can be quite costly to parents. With SAF funding those programs can thrive and open more doors for our Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) children as well as aiding parents that financially struggle.
  • Direct School Support
    We help parents through supporting schools and other foundations that are in need of extra support services, for their services, such as specialized schooling for additional aid in work skills to help individuals gain the strong skills necessary to function in society. All funds are disbursed directly to the educational service.
Our Mission Expanded

Driven By Experience

Linda Schrader, founder and president, but most important mother of a 20 year old autistic boy. There is no replacement for direct experience like living the life, day to day.

Bridging the Gap

Autism is an epidemic. Many well-known non-profits for the cause are supporting research for a cure. Many years have gone by, and now there are large number our children trying to find their place in society and it's called the Autism Tsunami. The Schrader Autism Foundation understands this problem as our founder has lived it for the last 20 years.

a mother's passion

Fiscally Efficient

The effective use of all donated monies. Focus on: Our Mission - The Cause - Execute
100% of the "Gross" of Individual Donations Goes Towards the Support of Autism

Fiscal efficiency enables the Schrader Autism Foundation to achieve maximum effectiveness in assisting our Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) community. Our top level standards are low overhead, clear focus and leveraging technology to the fullest. Unlike many other charitable organizations, SAF is committed to managing its operating expenses, every dollar donated to SAF will be presented toward achieving our mission. SAF holds strong to its principals and mission as any deviation from that commitment will compromise our integrity and ability to make a difference.

Our Founder, Linda Schrader, was able to secure the right expertise to effectively implement her vision. The core SAF Team shares her vision and has the experience to ensure fiscal efficiency in every aspect of our operations. Volunteers play a crucial role in achieving our mission by offering their time and passion. Technology is leveraged to streamline our marketing, communication and daily operations. Our impact is routinely documented with our grant recipients to ensure maximum results of every dollar offered. The SAF Financials made publicly available quarterly with full transparency.

The bottom line? Your generosity will make a difference.

SAF Beneficiaries

The Schrader Autism Foundation (SAF) is not about re-creating programs that are already in place, or building schools that already exist. SAF is about providing funding to help make programs more readily available, make current programs more effective, and to put in place new initiatives directed at helping autistic children prepare for an independent adult life.

Donated monies are focused in three main areas of need:
- Educational Service Support
- Work Independence Programs
- Direct Financial Support to Families

Many Educational and Work Independence Programs lack the financial support needed to maintain their effectiveness or meet the challenges that lie ahead. Federal and State budget cuts have negatively impacted programs in both the public and private sectors. Private Programs are becoming more expensive and public programs require higher contributions from families. In this economy, more Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Families are requiring financial support in order to access programs that will enable their child to succeed and overcome their individual challenges.

The Schrader Autism Foundation awards Grant Funding only to those programs that meet our qualifications and have a proven track record of being effective. Those results are monitored and documented for consideration of ongoing SAF Support. We also work directly with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Families to identify the best programs that meet the individual educational requirements of each Autistic Child. The SAF pre-approval process is stringent and unyielding as every dollar counts.