Founder's Message - From "Mom"

Words from Linda Schrader: Where do the years go, this past May Gary John turned 24 years old, so hard to believe. He is the love of my life, has a heart of gold, and as his grandfather says "Gentle Giant". He loves his life, he loves the holidays and most typical things that kids his age enjoy. He is big into Monster Trucks, knows how they work, knows every truck and driver, that is his main focus of enjoyment most days. He loves food, sometimes too much. He can ride a bike like a seasoned expert. He can tell me when I forget someone's birthday, he always reminds me on what day it is. He is always there.

Gary John probably will not go to college, will he ever drive a car? Why can't he make himself scrambled eggs in the morning? There are so many things I wonder, I fear his future. Like any parent, I want the best for him, but the challenge is "what is best for him"? So many questions, so many real fears of how could he survive without Mom and Dad.

As Gary John was growing up, my husband and I always felt, one day he will be fine; That day never came and now this is his last year in high school. We felt the budget cuts over the years which filtered down to his self contained class in his high school; loss of services. We struggled through it and made it work somehow. Now as he continues through his last year in high school, the "Now What" comes to our minds.

Search the web and you will find many great schools out there, foundations and non-profits creating awareness and some limited State and Federal services. The supplemental schools out there need financial assistance as well as programs revolving around life/work skill programs as well as financial aid to parents looking for help in transitioning their autistic child to adulthood independence.

Twenty years I spent collecting data, understanding the challenges, raising my son Gary John and now with the help of my team of advisers, we can make a difference for many. You see, the first large group of autistic children are now facing the world known as Autism Tsunami, and there is a gap that needs to be filled. The Schrader Autism Foundation is on a mission to bridge that gap to adult independence.

Please help us to strive and make the dreams of these children and young adults come true, your donation will help.


Linda Schrader
The Schrader Autism Foundation
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