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The Schrader Autism Foundation (SAF) believes that the success of an organization is the strengths of its personnel structure and focus on mission. The Directors, Managing Members and Advisers all come with knowledge, skills and abilities that are critical to the effectiveness and efficiency of the Foundation for making a difference. The business goal is to provide the best opportunity for adult independence while maximizing the net proceed availability as it pertains to efficiency and effectiveness.

The Foundation is built on the core values of Team Work, Integrity and Dedication. Importance is low overhead, value awareness and effective results. Let our devoted teachers and Work Skill Advisers of our Nation focus on what they know best and let us provide the financial support they are lacking to succeed for our autistic children.

The Schrader Autism Foundation's advisers have over half a century of experience in successful business formulation, planning and success. Our extensive plan takes into account the three principals of success; cost, schedule and performance. These vital areas are strategically mapped to core areas of support that the Schrader Autism Foundation is focusing on: Educational Support, Work Independent Program Support and Direct Family Support.

Linda Schrader, mother of her wonderful son Gary John, is Founder and President of the Schrader Autism Foundation, Struggling to Learn, Inc. along with her team of Directors, Managing Members and Advisers is the key to the success which is derived from her heart, passion and 21 years of living the reality of parenting an Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) child.

Our Leadership

Our Standards

Fiscally Efficient - Feeding the Cause
The Schrader Autism Foundation is built on the highest level of efficiency; keeping the maximum dollars for the mission. 100% of the "Gross" of Individual Donations Goes Towards the Support of Autism
Clear Focus - To Achieve Independence
Our mission is built around the three core area objectives which are mapped to measurable results.
Leverage Technology - Social Awareness
We don't reinvent the wheel, we just do it efficiently and effectively; leverage internet technology and social media to gain awareness.
Results Driven Accountability
The Schrader Autism Foundation (SAF) is dedicated to it's mission and to it's performance toward achievement. Only qualified applications are considered for SAF Support and must follow the SAF application process. All grant recipients provide SAF documentation of performance results directly related to the funding provided. That documentation is published within the SAF web site and weighs heavily in consideration for future grant approval.

Our Mission Expanded

The Concern
The statistics are staggering. 1 out of 88 children born today are affected by Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD): 1 out of 54 boys. Autism is a very real epidemic that is growing at a pace faster than any other afliction in today's society. Today we are faced with the largest group of ASD children reaching adulthood with minimal life skills dubbed the "Autism Tsunami". Parents of these ASD adults are now faced with having to find answers to the question; "What will happen to my child when I'm gone..?" There are simply not enough programs at the Federal, State and Local levels to support such an influx of unprepared and challenged individuals in the workplace.
The Mission
To provide financial subsidy and educational assistance to families with children having Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD); To independently, or in partnership, implement or enhance learning tools and life skills programs; To successfully prepare ASD Children for independent life in today's society.
The Solution
The problem is identified and our mission is clear. The Schrader Autism Foundation has built an extensive database of current and expanding supporting schools, institutions and work skill programs across the United States. This proprietary database enables SAF to efficiently place donated monies in specific areas for effective results. The Schrader Autism Foundation "Bridges that Gap" by focusing on priority areas for improvement.
A Mother's Passion
The Schrader Autism Foundation is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit. All gifts to the Schrader Autism Foundation are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law. Our Tax ID is 45-2474677
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