Our Core SAF Team

  • President & Founder
    Linda Schrader

    President/Founder of the Schrader Autism Foundation, Struggling to Learn, Inc., and mother of a wonderful and loving 21 year old autistic son, Gary John. She guided Gary John through the challenging 90's and early 2000's when Autism was very new in schools. She is on the mission to Bridge the Gap for the best chance for autistic children into adulthood. Yes we Can - Together.

  • Business Advisor
    Gary Schrader

    With over 25 years experience in starting and growing businesses, Gary Schrader Sr contributes his decades of experience for directing the mission of this 501C3. His philosophy is bottom-line results and effectiveness to be sure that the Schrader Autism Foundation Mission and direction are mapped to effective results with accountability.

  • Marketing Advisor
    Tim Gerstmyer

    With nearly 25 years experience in traditional and digital advertising, Tim brings first class marketing for delivering the message. His professional experience in both print and digital media makes his resume a prime value to the Schrader Autism Foundation. Tim's awareness marketing is paving the way to reaching the masses.

  • Technical & Social Media Advisor
    Brian Burns

    With nearly 20 years experience in mainly digital advertising, social media and new technologies, Brian brings a wealth of knowledge to manage the awareness of Autism for the Schrader Autism Foundation. He is one of the top pioneers in the technology of today and tomorrow and is bringing the Schrader Autism Foundation to World awareness.

  • Fundraising Coordinator
    Debra Gerstmyer

    Debbie brings many years of experience in event planning, social events for causes, event auctions and more for raising awareness for many non-profits. She has the enthusiasm and drive that makes her the perfect match for the Schrader Autism Foundation as well as being a mother of three wonderful children. Her passion and drive clearly shows in results.

  • Web Platform Operations
    Jennifer Makowski

    With 20 years of technical and business experience, in web design and other complex technologies, Jennifer directs and oversees technical operations. Jennifer is responsible for delivering and enhancing business operations, and implementing cutting-edge technologies which enhances the Schrader Autism Foundation's overall user experience.

  • Legal Counsel
    Frank Crupi

    With over 30 years in law, concentrating in the field of taxation, Frank has made Linda's vision a reality in formulating the 501C3 and continues to advise. Besides law, Frank is a father and knows the struggles parents have on attempting to transition their challenged children into adulthood.

Strategic Key Advisers

  • Life Skills
    Ryan Bradley

    The key to transition into adulthood comes from the right directive, Ryan brings real life experience and success stories in transitioning autistic children into adulthood. Being a father himself, Ryan understands the fear parents face and drives to continuously create successful transitions. As a business owner himself, he brings on the right connections in small and big business. 19 years experience.

  • Special Education
    Brian Fischer

    Brian has both the passion and experience and understands the complexity in each autistic child as they mature. Currently a special education teacher in a local high school, he brings the knowledge to assist in the SAF processes and procedures. His dedication and attention to details enables him to help many autistic children. 16 years experience.

  • Family Services
    Erica Biel

    Erica has been in Family Services for nearly 10 years and adds one of the key factors in advising the SAF. She has created many programs that added streamlining of specific knowledge based educational training to foster learning growth. Each family is different and the need exists to make sure each support mechanism is personalized.

  • Financial Consultant
    Bob Sorentino

    Bob understands the key to providing the maximum dollars to the cause starts and ends with proper financial planning. He has provided over 20 years of sound advice to many small and large business as well as private individuals. Bob uses strategic financial planning in order to continue the 501C3 with proper consulting for maximizing efficiency.

  • Digital Media
    Jerry Williams

    Jerry brings on a long history of winning accomplishments in the digital media environment to include graphics and video for the Foundation. Jerry solely created the Schrader Autism Foundation logo as well as many inputs and enhancements for marketing and website. Check back as Jerry is working on our first television and web commercial!

  • Organization Efficiencies
    Debra Butera

    Debra has over 25 years experience as a Commercial Credit & Finances Manager. She has worked for large companies like GE and Adecco Staffing and smaller companies that are privately owned. Debra enjoys analyzing companies for efficiency and proper staffing to maximize the bottom-line, which for SAF, equates to more dollars towards the cause.

  • Additional Advisers
    SAF Support Team

    There are many other individuals that are a part of our advisory network, and soon, we will be listing everyone that supports the Schrader Autism Foundation. We are in the process of providing photos, more in-depth resumes of experience and where they assist in efforts. We thank everyone that has helped to date and continue to strive to provide excellent support for our Mission on helping our young autistic children as they move toward independence.