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Paving the way to Independence: Special needs schools are doing great things for Autistic children to prepare them for adulthood and with additional SAF Funding their results will improve. However, there are not enough Life Skills and Work Independence programs available to effectively accommodate the needs of the growing population of ASD children becoming adults. With limited and underfunded Life Skills and Work Independence training programs available, these companies are not able to provide the same internal training and support. The Schrader Autism Foundation is dedicated to independently, or in partnership, assist in the funding of these programs to foster growth and effectiveness to provide our ASD children a path to independence and increase corporate support in achieving the SAF Mission.

Work Independence Training: Many great Independent Work Skill schools have been developed in the private sector. They all have different methodology in teaching the skills necessary to maximize the potential for an autistic child, each with many great benefits. Research has shown the majority would be able to flourish and expand to assist more autistic children if they have the proper influx of funding. These independent schools are the third tier toward the transition to adulthood as the majority of public schools cease support at 21 years of age. The Schrader Autism Foundation believes this is a critical need as it typically is one of the last efforts of parents attempting to give their child the best opportunity for independence.

ASD Employment Advocacy: Few Corporations like Lowes and Walmart have already begun to provide employment programs that are backed by internal training and support systems for ASD adults who require independence. However, these noble companies are few and far between. The ASD adult population is rapidly growing with the onset of the Autism Tsunami, and more corporations need to follow in their footsteps. As our ASD children become better prepared for adult life and work independence, large corporations and small business will benefit more and more by creating similar programs. The Schrader Autism Foundation, Struggling to Learn serves as the voice of the ASD community, advocating awareness and assisting in the development and funding of the necessary training programs unique to each company.

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